Sweet Lorraine

"The Goddess In A Bodice"

New York burlesque entertainer Sweet Lorraine is the creator and producer of Shades of Burlesque, NYC's ONLY All Black burlesque revue!

Stand Up and Take Your Clothes Off: Happy New Year!

  • Kraine Theatre 85 East 4th Street New York, NY, 10003 United States


Kerryn Feehan and Jillaine Gill present: Stand Up and Take Your Clothes Off! with Horse Trade Theater at The Kraine, on Jan. 1st at 8 pm! Come have a cozy Sunday night to nurse your hangover and be filled with the cheer of 2017!

Kerryn Feehan
Divina GranSparkle
Key Kabria
Sweet Lorraine
Stockholm Filly
Jillaine Gill

Doors open at 7:45

Stage Kitten Miss Frankie Eleanor

DJ Velvet Joe

$15 at door, $10 online: http://www.horsetrade.info/event/4e8273d0c379530633751cbc53de0221/Stand-Up-and-Take-Your-ClothsStand Up and Take Your Clothes Off